A. Holiday Cancellation and Curtailment.

Obviously we all hope that you will be able to take and enjoy your holiday as planned, but unforeseen circumstances can and do arise whereby this proves to be not possible.

If this is the case you will be able to claim a money back guarantee. The special scheme we use through Schofields is underwritten at Lloyds and provides you with a full refund up to invoice cost paid to us (less of course your premium + a 50.00 excess) should you need to give backword at any point due to any of the following but subject to specific conditions, exclusions, and limitations as contained within the policy documentation which should be checked upon receipt:

1. Death, injury or illness

2. Jury Service

3. Damage rendering your home uninhabitable

4. Police investigation following burglary etc.

5. Unforeseen occupational postings away

6. Pregnancy

7. Your vehicle being stolen within 7 days prior to your holiday

8. Car accidents involving your vehicle resulting in holiday curtailment

9. Strike or industrial action affecting your journey

Note: In respect of curtailment the amount payable will be limited to the unexpired portion of the total contracted holiday cost for each complete day of the holiday forgone and in all cases cancellation means full cancellation of the holiday and not partial refund to individual members making up a holiday party who may themselves withdraw independently.

To join the scheme you simply pay your deposit plus the appropriate premium. Obviously if the booking is made within 56 days prior to your holiday and the full amount is due you must ADD the appropriate amount of the premium to your cottage rental and send us the full amount of the holiday cost.

The premiums for cancellation and curtailment protection insurance cover (inclusive of insurance premium tax) are as shown below. They are not refundable and are in addition to your cottage rental.

Up to 150
151 to 250
251 to 350
351 to 450
451 to 1000
Over 1000

B. Personal Travel Protection

To ensure that you are able to enjoy your holiday in the full knowledge that all persons traveling in your party are included in a comprehensive personal travel insurance scheme we are now able to offer the sort of cover required to enable you to enjoy your holiday and have peace of mind by taking advantage of a comprehensive scheme which offers you the following cover.

1. Personal Accident

Death Adults 10,000 Under 16 1000
Loss of sight or limb(s) Adults 10,000 Under 16 10,000
Permanent total disablement Adults 10,000 Under 16 10,000

Note: There is no cover under this section for persons aged 70 or over.

2. Personal Liability

Up to 1,000,000

Cover in respect of rented holiday accommodation is limited to 500,000 and excludes the first 100 of each and every claim.

3. Additional Expenses

Up to 1,000

Payable in respect of expenses necessarily incurred as a result of the insured person becoming ill or sustaining personal injury during the period of the insurance.

4. Baggage, Personal Effects & Money

Up to 600

Limited to 200 per item and excluding the first 20 of each and every claim.

5. Car Breakdown

Up to 2,500

This breakdown cover has been arranged with Equity Red Star Motor Policies at Lloyds. Breakdown means mechanical or electrical failure, accident, fire or theft which renders your vehicle immobile, but it is a condition of the insurance that at the start of your holiday journey the vehicle is in a road worthy condition and that you have proof that it has been regularly serviced in accordance with the makers instructions and recommendations. The vehicle must be your own private car or motor cycle, less than 15 years old at the start of your holiday. The cover includes labour charges up to a maximum of 200, recovery, car hire and accommodation costs up to the maximum as advised in the policy document but it does not include breakdowns due to lack of petrol, oil, water or the costs of any accident repairs.

The above is a brief outline of the cover. A certificate detailing the full terms and conditions as applicable will be sent to you when you confirm your booking and a copy is available upon request.

Premium for the whole personal insurance package as listed in B above for all people in your party is 16 per week or 10 for short break holidays of 4 nights or less. (The premiums are inclusive of insurance premium tax)